Frequently asked questions


Can I combine business with visiting the JCI World Congress?

Yes, you are very welcome to do so.
During the congress there will be lots of possibilities to:
• meet new (JCI) people,
• learn from each other and about the Netherlands via the Trade Show, company visits, keynotes, lectures and workshops and of course the Dutch delegates,
• exchange JCI knowledge and experiences,
• learn more about the world and what you can do as an active member, for instance via actions towards Sustainable Development Goals.

Why should I attend the 2017 JCI World Congress?

The 2017 JCI World Congress will be a unique event that allows you to meet JCI members from all over the world, attend a world class program, create actual impact during and after the congress, experience the Dutch culture and hospitality and dance the night away at our famous parties.

What are the dates the JCI World Congress takes place?

From Monday morning November 6th to Friday night November 10th, 2017. The program starts on Monday morning with a kick-off, and the Opening Ceremony takes place on Monday night. On Sunday November 5th, we are planning some unofficial welcome activities.

What is the weather like in November in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands are in a sea climate, with a long-term average temperature of 9ºC, and 2 hours of sun per day. The sun comes up around 7:30 AM and it is dark around 5 PM. You may want to bring an umbrella as it can be rainy in November.

Where can I find more information?

All available information will be posted on our website. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

For more information about applying for your visa, please visit the website of IND here


What is the current congress fee?

The congress fee is EUR 625 for members and senators. EUR 100 extra will be charged for anyone else who wants to participate.

Do I have to pay the congress fee in advance to the JCI World Congress or at least before travelling?

Good to know is that your registration is only valid when the complete fee has been paid.
For example, if you want to make to use of the mid bird fee (valid to June 30), your payment should be received by that date the latest. If you pay later, than the late bird fee should be paid.

Are all parts of the program included in the congress fee?

The official JCI program and the WeDo 2030! program, including keynotes, Opening Night, Global Village Party and Closing Night, are included in the fee. For some trips and excursions, especially in the leisure program, an additional fee will be asked to cover costs.

I have something to add or to change for the invoice. What can I do?

You can send an e-mail to moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@n1548309911oitar1548309911tsige1548309911r1548309911. Team registration collects the requirements and puts out a request at JCI HQ for the changed invoice. After that the invoice will be send by team registration or JCI HQ.

Where can I find information about the bank accounts to pay my ticket for the JCI World Congress?

For transfers from within Europe
Receiving bank: KBC Bank
KC3574 – Brusselsesteenweg 620
1731 Zellik – Belgium

For credit to:
JCI INC.,15645 Olive Blvd, Chesterfield, MO 63017 USA
IBAN BE75 7310 1574 1051

For transfers from outside of Europe
Receiving Bank:
Enterprise Bank & Trust
150 North Meramec
St. Louis, MO 63105
ABA Routing Number: 081006162
Swift: Entrus44

For Credit To:
Junior Chamber International
15645 Olive Blvd
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Account No.: 0000076283

PLEASE NOTE: Registrants bear all bank charges. Payments should be net of bank charges. If you are outside Europe or the European Union and don’t have the possibility of a bank to bank transfer without fees, please remember to add an additional €30 to your registration amount to cover the fees dues from receiving your wire transfer.

To ensure the proper account is credited, all wire transfers should indicate the following information, either on the wire transfer or by sending a fax to +1-636-449-3107 or email to cc.ic1548309911j@ger1548309911:
• World Congress Registration Number
• Date of wire transfer
• Amount of wire transfer
• Reason for wire transfer

The money must be wired within the respective deadline in order to be considered as such (Early/Regular/Late). Example: If the registration using the option Wire Transfer is marked during the Early Bird period, but the payment is not received before the Early Bird deadline, then the delegate will have to pay the amount of the next fee.

Can I pay the ticket with another credit card than mine?

You can make use of someone else’s bank account, as long as you mention your confirmation ID.

What does the ticket of €625,- include?

The ticket includes the following:

  • Lunch on the days of the JCI World Congress in the ijVENUES.
  • Dinner on Monday and Friday
  • Coffee, tea and water during the lunch in the tent (next to the tent of PTA)
  • Participation of the JCI World Congress at the ijVENUES and Double Tree Hilton
  • Registration

    Can anyone apply to attend the JCI World Congress?

    If you want to participate to the congress there are two ways to register:
    • If you are a JCI member: http://www.cvent.com/d/dvql4y
    • If you are not a JCI member: use the same URL and choose for ‘Register for the event at the JCI non-member rate’

    Is it possible to join the JCI World Congress one or two days?

    You can buy a ticket for both the whole week and for just the WeDo 2030! festival on Wednesday 8th of November.

    More information about WeDo 2030! festival, please visit https://www.wedo2030.com

    I registered for JCI World Congress but I cannot come any more. I would like to send my registration to someone else.

    For this we need to have the complete information from both the seller and the buyer and the registration code received after registration: we need the first name, last name, email address of both buyer and seller plus the confirmation code. You can send it to moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@n1548309911oitar1548309911tsige1548309911r1548309911. As soon as we receive this info, we can have JCI HQ change the name on the ticket. Payment can be arranged between buyer and seller.

    I would like to register for the program parts that you are offering. What can I do?

    Registration for the program parts will be open before the end of September. We will inform our registered delegates by sending them a direct mailing.

    Can I split my ticket for the JCI World Congress with someone else?

    No, unfortunately you can’t.

    Which registration option should I chose?

    • Member, senators and their spouses member registration
    • Alumni’s, non-members, honoured member (but no senators) guest registration
    • Groups of 10+ group registration


    How do I create an account on JCI.cc?

    By following these instructions, you will create an account on JCI.cc.

    I don't know my password, what can I do?

    You can retrieve your password by clicking ‘Forgot your password’ on the login screen.

    I do have an account but I do not know my email address, which I need to log in.

    • Send an email to cc.ic1548309911j@tro1548309911ppust1548309911i1548309911. Now you can ask for your credentials.
    • After about two days you receive your login details by email.

    I registered by following the steps described in the manual ‘How to create an account on jci.cc’ but when I log in, my status is self registered or inactive.

    Your local president needs to activate your account. Ask your local president to take action and activate your account.

    My local president does not have an account on jci.cc.

    • Some local presidents never registered on jci.cc. As only the local president can activate your account, he or she should create his/her own account first by following the steps described in the manual ‘How to create an account on jci.cc’.
    • After creating the account, your local president should send an email to the Secretary General of your national organization.
    • The Secretary General approves the account of your local president and sends a request to the Director of Growth and Development to activate his/her account and to assign the rights to activate local members.
    • The Secretary General confirms that the account of your local president is activated.
    • Your local president has an account and has the rights to activate yours.

    My local president does have an account on jci.cc but does not have the role of local president

    • The role of local president should be passed on by the immediate past president before December 31st. If he/she fails to do so, no one will have the role and associated rights after December 31st.
    • The immediate past president or the current local president should send an email to the Secretary General of the national organisation. The Secretary General can assign the role and rights to the current local president.
    • The Secretary General confirms to the local president that his/her role and rights have been assigned.
    • Your local president can activate your account.

    How do I know if my local president has the right role on jci.cc?

    • Navigate to jci.cc and log in.
    • Go to ‘MY JCI’ and click on the name of your local organization, which you find under your personal name.
    • Beneath the header ‘general information’ you can find the name of the current local president.
    • If it appears that the wrong person has the role of local president, then click on the members-button in the visual and look for your local president here:
    – Not listed? Contact your local president and ask him/her to register on jci.cc and to contact the Secretary General for approval.
    – Listed but not as local president? Ask your local president to contact the Secretary General so he or she can assign him/her the role and right of local president.

    I am a local president and I have an account on jci.cc but I don’t know how to activate my local members.

    • Navigate to www.jci.cc.
    • Log in on ‘MY JCI’.
    • You find here the members who registered themselves as a member of your local chapter. On the right side of each request you have the option to accept or decline the request.

    How is the role of local president passed on to the new local president?

    The current local president can assign the role of local president to the next local president. He or she can do so before December 31st. On January 1st, the role and rights of the local president expire and only the Secretary General can assign the role and rights to the new local president.

    I am member/senator of JCI USA or Canada and I have troubles with my account or want to register for an international event.

    Please contact Earl Sawyer, SG JCI USA and Canada ( gro.a1548309911suicj1548309911@ridx1548309911e1548309911) as these countries have their own system which syncs with the system of jci.cc.

    I am a senator with multiple accounts and I don't know on which one my senator number is included.

    You can send an email to cc.ic1548309911j@tro1548309911ppust1548309911i1548309911 as JCI HQ can merge the accounts on their end.

    I am a senator, I registered in jci.cc, however the system does not recognize me as a senator.

    When you become a senator, JCI HQ creates an account so you can be found in the senator library. No notification is send about the creation of this new account. In case you inadvertently created your own account after JCI HQ already did so, it will not have a senatorship status. Only JCI HQ can add a senator number to an account. JCI HQ will merge the two accounts.

    I am a senator, JCI HQ created my account, how do I get access to my credentials?

    In case you would like to register for an event and your account was created by JCI HQ, you can send an email to cc.ic1548309911j@tro1548309911ppust1548309911i1548309911 with your name, senator number and date of birth. JCI HQ will send you your credentials.

    I am a senator, I created my own account, the system says that my account in INACTIVE or SELF REGISTERED

    When you create an account, you will be notified that it is inactive of self registered. Although the accounts of senators younger than forty years of age can be activated by the local president, the account status for senators is irrelevant.

    As long as the account contains the senator number, the jci.cc system will recognize your senatorship and you will get access to the events, regardless of the account status.

    I am a senator, my account does not contain my senator number.

    When you become a senator, JCI HQ adds your senator number to your existing jci.cc account. In case you do not have an account on jci.cc, JCI HQ creates one so you can be found in the senator library https://jci.cc/senate/directory. No notification is send about the creation of this new account.

    In case you inadvertently created your own account after JCI HQ already did so, it will not have a senatorship status. Only JCI HQ can add a senator number to an account. JCI HQ will merge the two accounts.

    I am a senator, I registered for an event, and did pay the guest fee instead of the member fee.

    It looks like that you registered with an account which does not contain your senator number. Please contact cc.ic1548309911j@tro1548309911ppust1548309911i1548309911 to the check the number of accounts and let them merge to one.

    I am a senator, who can I invite as my guest against the same fee?

    As a senator you can invite only your spouse against member fee, no matter if this person is a senator or not. You can add your spouse to your registration at the same time or afterwards. If this person is not your spouse, the guest fee will be applied.

    Registration program

    I forgot my confirmation code for my personal program. What can I do?

    Through this link you can get receive your code.

    Where do I find the registration for program parts in the system?

    • Please log in into the system.
    • Click on modify.
    • Click through the first page with personal information.
    • Find on the next page the possibility to register for program parts.

    Is it possible to register via the application?

    Registration for program parts is online possible via JCI.cc. The application.is only a nice personal tool for you during the week.

    I would like more information about the personal program.

    You can find more information about your personal program right here.

    Where and when can I register for the official JCI trainings?

    Registration for the official JCI trainings will open one week before the JCI World Congress.

    For which program parts can I register?

    It is only possible to register for the paid program parts, for Upstarters and for the Impact projects.

    For which program parts is it not necessary to register?

    For workshops and lectures taking place in the main venue, it is not necessary to register.

    I'm a senator, do I need to register in senator activities like excursions or other events?

    If senators want to attend program items from the program we deliver to all delegates then yes, absolutely. Some items are only available to senators, like the senator dinner.
    For other senator related questions, please send an email to moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@s1548309911rotan1548309911es1548309911.

    How do I register for the company visits and tours during the JCI World Congress?

    You can register online for program parts from approximately the 20th of September.

    What will we do if in those days we are not able to join the complimentary programs and like to stay in Amsterdam?

    In the 3rd week of October we’ll put leisure activities on our webshop. This shop will offer visits to Amsterdam, etc. but are organised outside our program.

    How do I get a discount code?

    We have no discount codes available.

    Can I still register for the Senate Dinner?

    The senate dinner will take place on canal boats with limited capacity. At this moment this program part is fully booked. The organisation and the shipping company look for possibilities to expand.

    All senators are welcome to join the senators party at the First Class Pub in Amsterdam Central Station, which starts at 21h30.

    11. Where can a team register for debating sessions?

    The debating session is an HQ programme and all questions can be send to cc.ic1548309911j@stn1548309911eve1548309911.

    How can my guest register for program parts?

    Your guest has received a confirmation email. Your guest can login with the details mentioned in the email and select the program parts he or she wants to visit.

    15. I booked a full day excursion on Tuesday and the Senator dinner in the evening. Will I make it in time?

    All busses depart and arrive at the busterminal of the congress location.
    The boats for the senate dinner will leave near the ”Muziekgebouw”, about 200m from the bus terminal.

    In principle the tours on Tuesday will arrive on-time to enable senators to get on the boat, assuming that no heavy traffic jams will happen.


    What is so special about the program?

    The WeDo 2030! program is focused on 4 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Employment, Education, Social Equality and Climate Change. Our goal is to inspire you to take action, and to provide you with the means to do so. There wil be keynotes, workshops, company visits and trainings on these topics, with the aim to give you the tools and capabilities to advance these goals in your local community. On the last day of the JCI World Congress, we will be running actual community projects together to show the world the impact that JCI can make.

    What do you mean by Program Cities?

    Other cities in the Netherlands will be hosting day events for groups of people (from 30 to 300) as part of the regular Congress program. The cities that are official Program Cities are Utrecht, Eindhoven, The Hague and Rotterdam.

    Will there be parties every night?

    The Opening Night, Global Village Party and Closing Ceremony and Gala will be organized by the COC. On the other two nights, we invite other countries to host a party, just like we have been doing at the JCI World Congresses since 2009.

    Will there be a children program?

    The number of registrations for the children’s program unfortunately did not reach the minimum required. Hence we had to decide to cancel the children’s program at JCI World Congress.
    Childcare service will be available upon request.
    Childcare needs to be booked upfront by sending an email to moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@n1548309911erdli1548309911hc1548309911

    What about the senator program?

    We are hosting a senator dinner during the JCI World Congress. Moreover, there will be home hospitality drinks and dinner on Sunday for those senators arriving over the weekend. More details on the senator program will follow in due course and will be published on our website. For any questions related to the senator program, please email us at moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@s1548309911rotan1548309911es1548309911.

    I’m an international JCI member or partner and I want to participate in the program.

    International JCI members or partners can contact by sending an e-mail to Eduardo ( cc.ic1548309911j@sor1548309911rabe1548309911) or Krissy ( cc.ic1548309911j@tna1548309911rudk1548309911).

    If you are a Dutch JCI member who wants to participate (voluntary), you can send an e-mail to moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@m1548309911argor1548309911p1548309911.

    Is it possible to facilitate a trade mission or have a separate program as a company?

    If you are on a trade mission and want to have a separate program, visits or focus on a special topic, business there are some tips we can provide:
    • Get in touch with your Embassy or Consulate in the Netherlands (nb: usually located in The Hague, the seat of government, some countries also have an office in Amsterdam).
    • Have a look at the information provided on investing in The Netherlands, via the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, with lots of information like http://www.answersforbusiness.nl.
    • Go to the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to find out more about trade in the Netherlands, current programs, contacts and more.
    • See if the Dutch Chamber of Commerce can help you further with information and contacts.
    • Get in touch with the Dutch Embassy in your country via the country website of the Embassies of the Netherlands. The embassies and consulates promote economic and trade relations between the Netherlands and other countries. Each Embassy has a website with information. If this information is unclear you could contact the Economic counsellor or his staf as he might be able to point you to the right preparation documents, website and other information in your field.
    • Read up and be prepared so people know your questions and reason for contacting them, this so all involved can get the most out of it.

    Are there possibilities to contribute at social events & live entertainment during the JCI World Congress?

    We have covered all entertainment and events during the week already, so if your question is about offering any services, we have no need for that, but thanks!

    I have a question about the Joint Board meeting for the Senate. What can I do?

    Questions about the Joint Board Meeting for the Senate can be send to: ln.ta1548309911anesi1548309911cj@tn1548309911edise1548309911rp1548309911.

    As a NOM we want to organize a Joint Board Meeting. How can we arrange this?

    Please contact your country manager. He or she will get in touch with the venue managers to discuss possibilities,

    I’m a Dutch JCI member and I want to participate (voluntary) into the program, what can I do?

    You can send an e-mail to moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@m1548309911argor1548309911p1548309911. Unfortunately, we do not have a budget for other trainings or workshops of the program.

    The JCI World Congress has several trainings. Are you still searching for trainers?

    At the moment we have enough people for these sessions. But thank you!

    I’m bringing my children to Amsterdam. How can I arrange a babysitter?

    You can use the Kriterion Babysitting Agency to arrange a babysitter during daytime or at night. They can be reached 24/7 at oppascentralekriterion.nl or by phone on Monday – Friday from 4:30 pm till 8 pm at +31 20 6245848.

    Be sure to create an account before your travel to Amsterdam, so that you are all set-up before your arrival. You only have to fill the next fields:

    • Your name
    • Address and room number of the hotel where you stay
    • e-mail address
    • cell phone no
    • name(s) of your child(ren)
    • age(s) of your child(ren)
    • remarks: please mention ‘JCI World Congress’

    Kriterion has an intermediate role, matching requests and babysitters, and is not liable for commitments that have not been met by either one of the two parties and is not liable for any damages caused by the Babysitter. The COC does not have any role in the process.

    8. Do you know when and where bumble bee will take place?

    The bumble bee is not confirmed yet. Please email to moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@s1548309911rotan1548309911es1548309911 for more information.


    Do I need a visa to get to Amsterdam?

    You may need a visa to enter the Netherlands. Information can be found on the visa website. Or find more information here on this site . Our registration system will automatically generate a visa letter when you indicate that you need one in the registration process.

    Can you send me an invitation letter? Where can I download an invitation letter?

    Please follow the below steps to download your invitation letter:
    • Please go to http://www.cvent.com/d/dvql4y
    • Click on “Already Registered” at the top right
    • Complete your email address and confirmation number
    • On “Print Options” click on Invitation Letter.

    I need assistance to fill my visa application forms. The form has sections that require the following:

    1. Address and Email address of inviting persons, as well as telephone and telefax

    Ruud Tuithof, National President 2017

    Postbus 325
    4200 AH Gorinchem
    The Netherlands

    Phone number: 0031 – 85 044 0343
    Fax number: not applicable (we don’t use fax anymore, this will not be a reason for the Immigration Service to deny your application)

    2. Name and address of inviting company/organization as well as telephone and telefax of company/organization

    JCI Netherlands

    Postbus 325
    4200 AH Gorinchem
    The Netherlands

    Phone number: 0031 – 85 044 0343
    Fax number: not applicable

    3. Surname, first name, address, telephone, telefax, and email address of contact person in company/organization.

    Chantal Burink, Secretary General

    Postbus 325
    4200 AH Gorinchem
    The Netherlands

    Phone number: 0031 – 85 044 0343
    Fax number: not applicable

    My invitation letter needs information as passport number, country of origin, date of birth, and passport expiration dates.

    Please follow the below instructions to add this information to your invitation letter:

    1. Please go to http://www.cvent.com/d/dvql4y
    2. Click on “Already Registered” at the top right
    3. Complete your email address and confirmation number
    4. Click on “Modify” and update your passport information at the end of the page.
    5. Click on next until the end.
    6. On “Print Options” click on invitation letter.

    My application for a visa is denied so I cannot attend the JCI World Congress. What can I do?

    If your application is denied, please send an email to cc.ic1548309911j@stn1548309911eve1548309911. Your request must include the notice of denial from the Consulate or Embassy. Afterwards, JCI HQ will let you know about a refund.

    In 2016 I bought a ticket for the JCI World Congress in Quebec but my visa was denied. Can I use this booking for the JCI World Congress in Amsterdam?

    The delegate can reach out to JCI WHQ to make an appointment. When it is possible to use the booking for this year’s JCI World Congress:
    • The delegate registers for the JCI World Congress 2017
    • The delegate sends an e-mail to cc.ic1548309911j@stn1548309911eve1548309911
    • JCI HQ checks the request and adjusts the amount in the system


    What is the location of the JCI World Congress?

    The JCI World Congress will be held in ijVENUES, consisting of the Mövenpick Hotel and the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. The venue is located in the city centre on the shore of the river IJ, closely to Amsterdam Central Station.

    What are the locations of the parties?

    These are four locations of the parties. The Tuesday evening is nation night and therefore we still have several options.

    Party on Monday: ijVENUES (Main Congress Location)
    Party on Wednesday: Kromhouthal
    Party on Thursday: Kromhouthal
    Party on Friday: The Box


    Will there be a senator hotel?

    The senator hotel will be the Mövenpick Hotel where also the Congress takes place. Rooms can be booked through our website. For any questions related to the accommodation, please email us at moc.71548309911102cw1548309911icj@s1548309911rotan1548309911es1548309911.

    Would you recommend staying in one of the other Program Cities?

    We recommend you to stay in Amsterdam, since all official JCI events and all parties will take place there. The Mövenpick Hotel is our congress headquarters; staying there means that you are as close to all the action as you can get. You can book the Mövenpick Hotel and other hotels in Amsterdam at preferred prices through our website. Our partner RAI Hotel Services will handle all bookings and any questions you may have.


    How easy is it to get to Amsterdam?

    Schiphol International Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe with direct connections to almost every country in the world. KLM, part of SkyTeam, is the home carrier, and all major carriers from other countries frequent Schiphol Airport as well. .

    Will transfer to program cities be arranged?

    We will provide transportation to the program cities only for the participants that are actually taking part in the program that we organize during a specific day. So if you will be attending our congress program in The Hague for example, we will make sure you can go to The Hague for free. However, we will not provide free transportation on each day, to each of the program cities.

    What is the best way to get to the locations during the JCI World Congress?

    We have two advices. If you are planning to stay in one city, then you can rent a bike, as that is the preferred way of traveling by locals in the Netherlands. If you don’t prefer a bike, we recommend public transportation. It is possible to buy a 5 day transportation card on arrival for about 25 euro and you can use this during the whole week, also to visit great tourist attractions in Amsterdam. This transport card can be bought on arrival in for example Amsterdam Central station and more information about this card will also be provided on the website.


    Is there promotional material available?

    There are several video’s posted on the Youtube Channel, these video’s can be used.
    Logos and templates for the JCI World Congress can be downloaded via this link.

    Where can I buy the official JCI World Congress polo?

    Please order your polo at the webshop. You will be informed where you can get it at the World Congress venue.

    Can I order a senator shirt?


    Are you searching for volunteers during the JCI World Congress?

    Yes we are, you can register right here.


    14. I would like to do my hair by a professional hair dresser or my make up by a make up artist. How can I arrange that?

    Hair and make up:


    Make up:

    If you want to make an appointment by phone, please add the prefix of the Netherlands to the phone numbers on the website: +31.