Frequently asked questions


Why should I attend the 2017 JCI World Congress?

The 2017 JCI World Congress will be a unique event that allows you to meet JCI members from all over the world, attend a world class program, create actual impact during and after the congress, experience the Dutch culture and hospitality and dance the night away at our famous parties.

What are the dates the Congress takes place?

From Monday morning November 6th to Friday night November 10th, 2017. The program starts on Monday morning with a kick-off, and the Opening Ceremony takes place on Monday night. On Sunday November 5th, we are planning some unofficial welcome activities.

What is the weather like in November in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands are in a sea climate, with a long-term average temperature of 9ºC, and 2 hours of sun per day. The sun comes up around 7:30 AM and it is dark around 5 PM. You may want to bring an umbrella as it can be rainy in November.

Where can I find more information?

All available information will be posted on our website. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

For more information about applying for your visa, please visit the website of IND here


What is the current congress fee?

The congress fee is EUR 625 for members and senators. EUR 100 extra will be charged for anyone else who wants to participate.

Do I have to pay the congress fee in advance to the congress or at least before travelling?

Good to know is that your registration is only valid when the complete fee has been paid.
For example, if you want to make to use of the mid bird fee (valid to June 30), your payment should be received by that date the latest. If you pay later, than the late bird fee should be paid.

Are all parts of the program included in the Congress Fee?

The official JCI program and the WeDo 2030! program, including keynotes, Opening Night, Global Village Party and Closing Night, are included in the fee. For some trips and excursions, especially in the leisure program, an additional fee will be asked to cover costs.

I have something to add or to change for the invoice. What can I do?

You can send an e-mail to moc.71503017712102cw1503017712icj@n1503017712oitar1503017712tsige1503017712r1503017712. Team registration collects the requirements and puts out a request at JCI Headquarters for the changed invoice. After that the invoice will be send by team registration or JCI Headquarters.


Can anyone apply to attend the JCI World Congress?

If you want to participate to the congress there are two ways to register:
• If you are a JCI member: http://www.cvent.com/d/dvql4y
• If you are not a JCI member: use the same URL and choose for ‘Register for the event at the JCI nonmemberrate’

Is it possible to join the Congress one or two days?

You can buy a ticket for both the whole week and for just the WeDo 2030! festival on Wednesday 8th of November.

More information about WeDo 2030! festival, please visit https://www.wedo2030.com

I registered for JCI World Congress but I cannot come any more. I would like to send my registration to someone else.

For this we need to have the complete information from both the seller and the buyer and the registration code received after registration. You can send it to moc.71503017712102cw1503017712icj@n1503017712oitar1503017712tsige1503017712r1503017712. As soon as we receive this info, we can have HQ change the name on the ticket. Payment can be arranged between buyer and seller.

I would like to register for parts of the program. What can I do?

Registration for program parts will be open from mid September. At that time we will also decide how many places will be available for each program part. We will inform our registered delegates by sending them a direct mailing.


What is so special about the program?

The WeDo 2030! program is focused on 4 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Employment, Education, Social Equality and Climate Change. Our goal is to inspire you to take action, and to provide you with the means to do so. There wil be keynotes, workshops, company visits and trainings on these topics, with the aim to give you the tools and capabilities to advance these goals in your local community. On the last day of the Congress, we will be running actual community projects together to show the world the impact that JCI can make.

What do you mean by Program Cities?

Other cities in the Netherlands will be hosting day events for groups of people (from 30 to 300) as part of the regular Congress program. The cities that are official Program Cities are Utrecht, Eindhoven, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Will there be parties every night?

The Opening Night, Global Village Party and Closing Ceremony and Gala will be organized by the COC. On the other two nights, we invite other countries to host a party, just like we have been doing at World Congresses since 2009.

Will there be a children program?

We are planning to have a program for children from 6 to 12 years old during the five congress days, each day from 9 am to 5 pm approximately. During the program, our staff will take the children out on excursions in Amsterdam and surroundings. We are planning to include activities linked to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, such as clinics in wheelchair sports, and a visit to the science museum. Depending on the origin of the children, the program will be offered in multiple languages.
• The program requires a minimum number of participants, so if you are interested, please let us know by email at moc.71503017712102cw1503017712icj@n1503017712erdli1503017712hc1503017712.
• For younger kids and during evening hours, childcare service will be available upon request. Childcare needs to be booked upfront by sending an email to moc.71503017712102cw1503017712icj@n1503017712erdli1503017712hc1503017712

What about the senator program?

We are hosting a senator dinner during the congress. Moreover, there will be home hospitality drinks and dinner on Sunday for those senators arriving over the weekend. More details on the senator program will follow in due course and will be published on our website. For any questions related to the senator program, please email us at moc.71503017712102cw1503017712icj@s1503017712rotan1503017712es1503017712.

I’m a JCI member or partner and I want to participate in the program.

International JCI members or partners can contact by sending an e-mail to Eduardo ( cc.ic1503017712j@sor1503017712rabe1503017712) or Krissy ( cc.ic1503017712j@tna1503017712rudk1503017712).

If you are a Dutch JCI member who wants to participate (voluntary), you can send an e-mail to moc.71503017712102cw1503017712icj@m1503017712argor1503017712p1503017712.


Do I need a visa to get to Amsterdam?

You may need a visa to enter the Netherlands. Information can be found on the visa website. Or find more information here on this site . Our registration system will automatically generate a visa letter when you indicate that you need one in the registration process.

Can you send me an invitation letter? Where can I download an invitation letter?

Please follow the below steps to download your invitation letter:
• Please go to http://www.cvent.com/d/dvql4y
• Click on “Already Registered” at the top right
• Complete your email address and confirmation number
• On “Print Options” click on Invitation Letter.

What happens if I can’t get a visa?

Please be informed that the terms and conditions establish that you get a 50% refund when you do not succeed in having a visa. Please contact Belén Gonzales ( cc.ic1503017712j@zel1503017712aznog1503017712b1503017712) if you have further questions about this subject.

I need assistance to fill my visa application forms. The form has sections that require the following:

1. Address and Email address of inviting persons, as well as telephone and telefax

Ruud Tuithof, National President 2017

Postbus 325
4200 AH Gorinchem
The Netherlands

Phone number: 0031 – 85 044 0343
Fax number: not applicable (we don’t use fax anymore, this will not be a reason for the Immigration Service to deny your application)

2. Name and address of inviting company/organization as well as telephone and telefax of company/organization

JCI Netherlands

Postbus 325
4200 AH Gorinchem
The Netherlands

Phone number: 0031 – 85 044 0343
Fax number: not applicable

3. Surname, first name, address, telephone, telefax, and email address of contact person in company/organization.

Chantal Burink, Secretary General

Postbus 325
4200 AH Gorinchem
The Netherlands

Phone number: 0031 – 85 044 0343
Fax number: not applicable


What is the location of the Congress?

The Congress will be held in ijVENUES, consisting of the Mövenpick Hotel and the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. The venue is located in the city centre on the shore of the river IJ, closely to Amsterdam Central Station.

What are the locations of the parties?

These are four locations of the parties. The Tuesday evening is nation night and therefore we still have several options.

Party on Monday: ijVENUES (Main Congress Location)
Party on Wednesday: Kromhouthal
Party on Thursday: Kromhouthal
Party on Friday: The Box


What are the prices for hotel rooms? Are they near the Congress venue?

We have selected hotels in various price ranges, from EUR 125 per night for a 3-star hotel room, to 5-star rooms at EUR 260 per night. All preferred hotels are in the city centre and have good public transport connections to the congress venue. We recommend you to stay in Amsterdam, since all official JCI events and all parties will take place there.

Will there be a senator hotel?

The senator hotel will be the Doubletree Hilton Hotel. This hotel is close to the congress venue and to Central Station. Rooms can be booked through our website. For any questions related to the accommodation, please email us at moc.71503017712102cw1503017712icj@s1503017712rotan1503017712es1503017712.

Would you recommend staying in one of the other Program Cities?

We recommend you to stay in Amsterdam, since all official JCI events and all parties will take place there. The Mövenpick Hotel is our congress headquarters; staying there means that you are as close to all the action as you can get. You can book the Mövenpick Hotel and other hotels in Amsterdam at preferred prices through our website. Our partner RAI Hotel Services will handle all bookings and any questions you may have.


How easy is it to get to Amsterdam?

Schiphol International Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe with direct connections to almost every country in the world. KLM, part of SkyTeam, is the home carrier, and all major carriers from other countries frequent Schiphol Airport as well. We have arranged a special discount for delegates with KLM AirFrance, which you can use through this link.

Will transfer to program cities be arranged?

We will provide transportation to the program cities only for the participants that are actually taking part in the program that we organize during a specific day. So if you will be attending our congress program in The Hague for example, we will make sure you can go to The Hague for free. However, we will not provide free transportation on each day, to each of the program cities.


Is there promotional material available?

There are several video’s posted on the Youtube Channel, these video’s can be used.
Logos and templates for the world congress can be downloaded via this link.