Arriving in Holland by air is always a pleasure at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. And when returning home again after your holiday, make sure to spend some extra time at Schiphol. Discover what the airport has to offer – it’s a city by itself!

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of Europe’s largest airports.
  • Experience Schiphol up close with the unique ‘Behind the scenes’ tour.

In 2013, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was elected the best European airport. At Schiphol, you won’t be bored for a minute.

Shop ‘til you drop

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport boasts a huge variety of shops, ranging from Victoria’s Secret and Burberry to Gassan Diamonds and even Hermès. The shops are open seven days a week.
If you’d prefer to get some relaxation, try the Airport Library, the Casino or the Dr Fish Spa wellness centre. The Kids Forest playground is a feast for the children. And, of course, there are many excellent delicatessen shops and restaurants to be found.

Rijksmuseum at Schiphol

In addition to many shops, delicacies and relaxation Amsterdam Schiphol Airport also offers culture with the Rijksmuseum. This smaller version of Amsterdam’s famous Rijksmuseum is the world’s first airport museum, and displays original works of the Dutch masters Rembrandt and Vermeer, among others. The Rijksmuseum can be found on Holland Boulevard and is open every day from 7:00 to 20:00.

Experience Schiphol up close

Are you curious about the goings-on at an airport? Schiphol offers you the ‘Schiphol Behind the Scenes’ tour. Please make sure to book your ticket ahead of time, since the tour fills up quickly. It is easily combined with your return trip if you are travelling from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and the tour takes just over an hour. More information about the tour.

To and from the Airport

Board the train

The Schiphol Airport train station is located directly below the airport. It only takes a couple of minutes to walk from the arrival halls to Schiphol Plaza. From there, the escalators and lifts descend to the platform.

Catch the bus

Buses cover the entire breadth and width of the country. At Schiphol, buses leave from outside Schiphol Plaza, which is just a few minutes’ walk from the arrival halls.

Your taxi is on its way

Nothing can beat the ease of a taxi ride from airport to your hotel after a flight. Simply head to the taxi rank in front of Schiphol Plaza. You’ll find cars and larger vans, which are ideal for group travellers. Official taxis in the Netherlands are metered, and many drivers speak English. For business taxis, simply book through Schiphol Business Taxi online or over the phone.

Drive off in a (rental) car

Let’s face it – it’s great to be in the driver’s seat. You can either reserve a car online in advance, or show up to the car rental desks in Schiphol Plaza. There are representatives from many major car rental chains that will be ready to assist. Most rental cars are parked in the car parks, which are accessible by covered walkway.