Visa and visa process manager
To join the congress, visitors from several countries outside the Schengen area need to apply for a visa. Via this link you can check if you need to apply for a visa. We advise congress visitors to apply as soon as possible for a business visa, which is also called Schengenvisa. The application form for business and tourist visa is the same. At point 21. on the form you need to tick the box “Business”. You can find an example (with some prefilled boxes) of the application form here.

The COC advises large delegations (25+) to appoint a visa process manager that can manage the application process with the Dutch embassy in the country of origin. Of course, the COC will provide all information it can collect to the chief delegate, national president or visa process manager.

Information provided by the COC will include:

  • dates (advice to apply as soon as possible starting from 90 days before entering The Netherlands)
  • forms and information to provide
  • advice to only apply for the period of the congress
  • advice to register as soon as possible (or at least before the end of July, as the Immigration Service can inform the embassies timely on the fact that the participant will apply for a visa)
  • we will inform the Dutch Government and the delegations about the delegations from countries in which we do not have a Dutch Embassy

Visa application instructions
After consulting the Dutch Immigration Services, the COC has edited instructions for the visa application process (Appendix). Delegates can apply for a visa three months in advance of the congress which means that applications can be send or handed to the embassies leaving from the 6th of August 2017. In order to apply for a visa, delegates will need an Invitation Letter. This Invitation Letter will be automatically send to the delegates who have indicated on their registration form that they apply for a visa. The Invitation Letter will not be published on the website as the Invitation Letter is only provided to delegates who are a member of JCI and who have paid for the congress. The Invitation letter is an individualized document which therefor cannot be used by a delegate other than to one whose name is written on the letter.

If you have any further questions about the visa, please send an e-mail to moc.71544600736102cw1544600736icj@a1544600736siv1544600736