The 2017 JCI World Congress in the Netherlands will be an event people want to be part of; active members, senators, alumni, and even non members! Why? For the world class speakers, for the fantastic company visits, for the famous Dutch parties, and specifically for our WE DO program.
The WE DO program is a five-day program full of events centered around four program themes:



Social Equality

Climate Change

Participants choose one of these themes for the whole five days, or spend one day on one theme and the next day on another one. Each day will consist of keynotes, workshops, trainings, and company visits related to the four themes. At the end of each day, participants will have met new people, will have new insights and inspiration, and will have gathered more tools to create impact in their own community.

The WE DO program will be a coherent program, building up to day five when participants actually will have impact on the Dutch community. Together with local government, NGOs, and companies in our major cities, we will run projects that show the world what JCI is all about: positive change. A real learning experience for the participants, who will take home the skills they learned and the inspiration they got, to continue to make positive change in their own community.

Next to the WE DO program, there will be plenty of opportunity for participants who prefer to divide their time over leadership content, attending JCI official meetings, tourist outings, parties and sports. The premium content that is part of the WE DO program can be attended by all participants in a pick & choose program. Naturally our program will have an official JCI program like the General Assembly, official JCI Courses and public speaking and debating contests, but also a Global Village Party, the JCI World Cup Soccer, tourist trips to major Dutch attractions, as well as company visits and a trade show.

Details of the program will be made available in the course of 2017