Climate Change

Climate change

Climate change is one of the most complex issues of our world. No country alone can take on the interconnected and multidimensional challenges posed by climate change. Climate change can only be solved with countries cooperating on a global scale. We need to protect human life and ecological resources.

Water resource management is one of the major challenges of this century. With impact on agriculture, education, energy, health, gender equity, and livelihood, water management underlies the most basic development challenges. Water is under unprecedented pressures as growing populations and economies demand more of it.

Countries must act together and act differently. Developed countries should lead the way by significantly reducing their carbon footprint and stimulating green alternatives. Developing countries need to pursue prosperity and growth in a sustainable way. All countries need climatesmart policies that enhance development, reduce vulnerability, and finance the transition to lowcarbon growth paths.

Changing behavior, for both individuals and institutions, and shifting public opinion are critical success factors to address climate change. An increasing number of people know about climate change, make it a priority and act when they have the opportunity. What we do today determines both the climate of tomorrow and the choices that shape our future. There are real opportunities for a sustainable world if we act together and act now

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