Workshop: Aviation sans Frontières

07 Nov 2017
1eklas Restauratie

Workshop: Aviation sans Frontières

Aviation without Borders – Where education starts, poverty ends.

Join KLM Pilot and JCI Senator Koen Cox and his colleague Martinair Pilot John de Kanter for a keynote and interactive discussion on how you can spend a fraction of your time and talents to help the less fortunate around the world.


Koen and John are part of the foundation ‘Aviation without borders’ (Aviation Sans Frontieres NL) where they use their time and talent on distributing humanitarian goods and services throughout the world. They also fly children from Africa who are in dire need of complex medical attention to Dutch hospitals and they collaborate with other foundations to achieve greater impact.

Koen and John will take you through some of their activities towards a deepdive discussion on the necessities in less fortunate regions. Their hypothesis is: “where education starts, poverty ends”.