Company visit: Circular Valley – Masterclass Circular Procurement

07 Nov 2017

Company visit: Circular Valley – Masterclass Circular Procurement

The world is changing, the demanding voice of customers strong. Do the products they buy and use contribute to a restorative, circular economy? Challenges are big and changing the way our economy works is not easily accomplished. Therefore we offer you this Procurement Masterclass.

How to use the full market potential for your organization? Learn it in this Masterclass as circular procurement is one of the fundamentals in rethinking & redesigning the way products and services are designed and made from a circular perspective.

Location @world’s first business development hub for the circular economy near Amsterdam.

Due to increasing scarcity of raw materials, waste reduction, chain innovation and more efficient production and logistics, the circular economy begins to flourish more and more. Under the influence of social pressure, organizations are under the scrutiny of public opinion and need to be able to answer questions regarding the environmental impact of the product they are supplying. Customer want and need to know if your organisation is relevant to them.

A key to the pursuit of the circular economy and its oppportunities lies within every organisations customers. They stimulate, ask and create demand for circularly produced goods, thus creating new business models such as pay per use, buy/repurchase and resale. Circular Procurement requires, in addition to well-considered purchasing processes and innovative contractual forms throughout the supply chain, a changing, more flexible and more empathetic attitude as a procurement professional to enter into a dialogue with suppliers about circularity.

This masterclass we will guide you through this process, which not only deals with the insights into the challenges but also with the behavioral aspects. In short, the purchasing power and learning change power of the procurement professional is key. 

An inspiring location

In 2016, Valley Beta was launched as the circular business development hub for the Dutch campaign ‘Netherlands as a Circular Hotspot’. It offers a wealth of inspiration and actual circular examples. It is a place where relevant stakeholders and shareholders meet to develop new circular business models, concepts and insights. You are always welcome to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea.