Company Visit: De Prael Brewpub Tour

06 Nov 2017

Company Visit: De Prael Brewpub Tour

People and beer – that’s what it’s all about at de Prael. You just can’t separate one from the other, because after all, what would beer be without good company or a good conversation?

Welcome to Brewery de Prael!

Thirteen years ago, De Prael hatched a plan to combine working with people facing obstacles in the job market, with brewing beer. And De Prael is about so much more than just beer. One person might work seven days, another might work seven minutes, but everyone is part of the same big family. Working with people and with beer has turned out to be a brilliant combination.

Experience De Prael through this tour where you learn all about the brewery process and the way  they work with people. Ofcourse you get to try their Bitter Blond beer after the tour.