Company visit: FloraHolland

09 Nov 2017

Company visit: FloraHolland

Picture: Bart Maat / Hollandse Hoogte

Visit the flower auction; This international trading platform for plants and flowers is a world in itself. You have to get up early to see this world-famous auction, but it’s worth it. FloraHolland Aalsmeer is the largest trading centre for plants and flowers in the world. And it’s just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam Schiphol airport. 

Experience the hustle and bustle of the auction floor, watch traders bidding against the clock and be amazed at the quantity of beautiful flowers traded daily from more than ten countries. Watch the entire auction from a special gallery. You’ll be at the centre of the international flower trade. A unique experience you’ll remember forever. 

Facts and figures  

    • 4.4 billion euro turnover per year  
    • 20,000 different varieties of flowers and plants  
    • Volume: 12.5 billion flowers and plants sold annually; 
    • 3.7 billion roses  
    • 1.7 billion tulips  
    • 117 million phalaenopsis  
    • 77 million kalanchoë  
    • 20 million hydrangea  
    • 38 auction clocks  
    • More than 100,000 transactions per day  
    • Cooperation of 4,000 members, of which 600 are based abroad  
    • 2,400 customers  
    • 3,500 employees  
    • Total area Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer: 1,300,000 m2 (that’s 220 football fields!) of which 55,000 m2 cold storage  
    • Top 5 export countries: Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Russia
    • Top 5 import countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, Israel, Belgium and Germany