Company visit: MakerVersity (3D printing)

07 Nov 2017

Company visit: MakerVersity (3D printing)

Make Time to Tour Makerversity
Ultimaker and Trideus are offering tours of the Makerversity facilities in Amsterdam. This is your opportunity to explore multiple methods of production and see Makerversity in action.

Makerversity is dedicated to inspiring and supporting creative enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. They provide the space, tools, and machines to grow communities of maker businesses in city centers around the world. The Amsterdam Makerversity is based in the Marineterrein. The location is historic but the vibe is futuristic. Come and see for yourself.

Ultimaker and Makerversity
Ultimaker is a market leader; creating powerful, professional, and accessible desktop 3D printers. The company is a proud sponsor of the Makerversity tours and supports the entrepreneurs, inventors, and designers there that are changing the world, one 3D print at a time.

Ultimaker and its partner Trideus will be conducting tours of Makerversity to JCI members during the Congress. At the end of each tour, participants will have the opportunity to draw and print something using an Ultimaker 3D printer. It’s guaranteed to open your eyes to a world of possibilities!

Makerversity Tours
See how 3D printing can change education and economies on a local and worldwide basis.


Please note that participants of this workshop has to bring their own laptop!