Company Visit: Start-up Tour (B.Amsterdam)

09 Nov 2017
14:30 - 17:30

Company Visit: Start-up Tour (B.Amsterdam)

With its 40.000 square meters and three buildings, B. Amsterdam is the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. B. is a creative work space for innovation, education, and growth. We build a bridge between startups, creatives, and corporates and bring them together, setting up ways to connect with-, learn from- and grow with each other.

By becoming part of the B. community, you get access to the right spaces, toolset, knowledge and social environment to improve your business in the best way possible.

To accommodate growth, whether you’re a starting entrepreneur or an experienced one, B. Amsterdam provides numerous services and facilities. We can provide you with an office space, coworking space, event space or meeting room, you name it. We also have two lounges, a gym, a cinema, parking spots aplenty and even a rooftop restaurant overlooking Amsterdam.

B.Amsterdam has three buildings, B.1 and B.2, with B.3 opening soon. Although the concept of the two buildings is the same, B.2 has a different focus. B.2 provides a home like always to startups and corporates but now with the focus on innovative startups for the Internet of Things, HR Technology, and FinTech industries. This year, B. will also open a building in New York. B. New York

1. Startup ecosystem

How to optimize the synergy within an innovative ecosystem? How can stakeholders within a startup ecosystem contribute to the high growth of new businesses? We bring entrepreneurship within everyone’s reach by providing the right spaces, toolset and social environment.

  •        Synergetic work spaces
  •        Scale internationally
  •        Explore startups in different industries
  •        Government support and public-private partnerships

2. Future education.

We noticed that there is a gap between the current education system and the industry. There are a ton of motivated and talented starters who just finished their bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, the industry still considers them to be too inexperienced. With the B. Startup School Amsterdam – BSSA, we aim to bridge this gap by providing graduates the necessary skills the industry is asking for.

  •        Create future jobs
  •        Collaborate with educational pioneers
  •        Bridge the gap between talented graduates and the industry

3. Corporate innovation.

What drives innovation in the corporate environment? Which challenges, opportunities and trends will help organizations to transform the future? Learn more about how B. provides companies with the right tools, expertise and network to spark innovation within the corporate industry.

  •        Innovation and entrepreneurship
  •        Investment climate
  •        Corporate-startup collaborations

Successful cases: IBM, PWC, Heineken