Excursion: High Tech Talent Tour

07 Nov 2017

Excursion: High Tech Talent Tour

The Netherlands is often seen as a tiny country known for its tulips, wooden shoes, the color orange and it’s capital Amsterdam. But did you also know that the vast majority of the chips in your mobile phone, television and other electric equipment are produced by high-tech machines developed by ASML in the Netherlands?


The tour is especially interesting for delegates with an engineering background, but of course open for everybody. Join us on the High-Tech Talent tour, where we take you to the smartest region in the world, Brainport Eindhoven. The Brainport region includes 22 municipalities in the southern part of the Netherlands. Here, in and around the city of Eindhoven companies likes ASML and Philips Electronics have originated. Next to technology, Brainport is known for its design, which you will for sure experience, and maybe already know from the annual Dutch Design Week.

The High-Tech Talent tour will bring you to ASML, where you will experience ASML’s technology and high-tech world. The location we will go to is the international head office of ASML. You will visit the ASML Experience Center where you get a glimpse of an EUV machine and the ASML cleanrooms (visits into the cleanrooms are restricted, so we will not be able go there). ASML is constantly investing in in R&D, over one billion euros annually. More than 5,500 people work in R&D. The latest technology  developed by ASML is  EUV. With EUV machines, ASML can manufacture chips with Extreme Ultra Violet lighting (not visible to the eye).


In the afternoon, we will give a tour through some areas in Eindhoven and show you why the city is the center of the Brainport region. We start with a bit of heritage, namely where Philips Electronics started and thereafter we will go to Strijp-S, in the past called the forbidden city of Philips, and nowadays an urban area. Strijp-S was one of the major Philips production sites, which is still visible in the industrial buildings. Philips produced all components for its technology here. At the NatLab of Philips many inventions were done; the CD, radio broadcast, röntgen. Nowadays, the area is transformed into a very thriving urban neighbourhood, where many start-ups are concentrated and also functions as a breeding ground for a wide range of ao. Dutch Design. In short come feel the raw industrial origin.


Join us in exploring this fascinating area!