Excursion: The Hague – Peace is Possible

09 Nov 2017

Excursion: The Hague – Peace is Possible

Peace Palace and Humanity House

The Hague is worldwide renowned as City of Peace. During this Senate tour, we will take you to the Peace Palace where we will visit the visitor centre with a historic impression about the building and answer the question: ‘why The Hague?’. We have planned a tour inside the main building as well, but in case of a court session, this tour can’t be done. In that case the Peace Palace visitor centre will be combined with the renowned Panorama Mesdag Museum: a panoramic view of nearby Scheveningen, as seen by painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag in 1881.

Via public transport we will get a chance to see a nice bit of The Hague, on our way to the lunch location. In the afternoon, the Humanity House right in the heart of the city will show you a very hot topic in today’s world: what does the life of a refugee look like? And how do you start a new life in a very different country? Experience the fears, hopes and ways of working of international organisations in this world full of conflicts in a real-life experience. 

Transport to and from The Hague by bus.