Training: FISH! How to create more Passion, Energy & Fun

06 Nov 2017
Doubletree Hotel (Birmingham 1 & 2)

Training: FISH! How to create more Passion, Energy & Fun

In this 3 hour workshop Anita van Veen (JCI senator) from TheTrainingsagency will learn you how to cope with issues like behavior, teamwork, customer experience or company values  in a playfull way and how to create an energyboost in your (JCI) organization.


In Seattle you can find the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market, where they made selling fish into an experience. They play with their products, their public and together. This had amazing results. Do you want to know how they did this? And more important how to create the same energy in your (JCI) organization? Learn and experience the FISH! Philosophy. In this workshop you will play and experience the 4 pillars with other JCI members:



PLAY: Be able to make the things you do more fun and (very convenient) also more efficient or effective
MAKE THEIR DAY: Do something special for other people. It makes them happy and is good for your own happiness as well
BE THERE: Choose where your attention is going, when you are  doing this you will not miss important things
CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE: Who are you remembered while you are doing what you are doing. Know how you (or your organization) will be perceived and take responsibility for that.

In this workshop:
• You will experience the FISH! philosophy in a energetic, creative and active way;
• You will learn more about the power of play;
• You will experience and create playful ways to create passion, energy and fun in your (JCI) organization.

FISH trailer