Impact project: World’s Largest Trash Hunt

10 Nov 2017

Impact project: World’s Largest Trash Hunt

More and more plastic is floating in our oceans and seas. It comes from rubbish that we throw away on the street, fishnets that are discarded, and from washing synthetic clothing and brushing our teeth. All these different types of plastic together form the plastic soup in the seas and oceans.

The plastic pollution of the seawater can seriously damage our health. When plastic degrades and fragments into small pieces, it can release toxic substances. All sorts of animals that live in the sea mistake plastic and microplastics for food. These toxic substances then enter our food chain.

Together with Let’s Do It, Plastic Soup Foundation, Stichting Noordzee and Plastic Whale you will take action in order to solve the Plastic Soup problem! We will map trash and clean up the Zandvoort beach and the Amsterdam canals and even show you how to create value from the plastic waste!

This event combines fun, teamwork and doing good. On this two to three-hour outing, you will either go on a boat on the Amsterdam canels or walk along Zandvoort beach. Together with your own international team, you will enjoy the nice scenery and at the same time map and collect all the trash you come across. The best team will off course be awarded with a prize. We will off course provide you with materials in order not to become dirty.

This cleanup will also be the kickoff event for the World Cleanup Day on September, 15th 2018, organized by Let’s Do It.

Wear a warm pair of clothes and comfortable shoes and join us!

(Participants without proper swimming skills are recommended to join the beach cleanup tour.)