Opening Party

06 Nov 2017

Opening Party

Don’t miss out on the official opening night of the 2017 JCI World Congress on Monday 6 November 2017. We have something in store for you at a unique location. The glass building of Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA), where normally big cruise ships arrive, will be changed into a beautiful party area for this evening. We will be mixing up the modernity of the building with some history with the evening’s theme: “Dutch Old Masters”. This is a common name used to group the famous ancient Dutch painters like Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt van Rhijn. We will make some of them come alive for you again!

We won’t give it all away yet, but here is a sneak preview of the program:
The evening starts with the official introduction of the national presidents, former world presidents, the current board of directors and executive committee. Although this is business as usual at a World Congress, we would not be Dutchies if we would not give the ceremony a bit of a twist. We will end the official part with a spectacular dance act, mixing up the old and the new again.

Subsequently, all attendees will be invited for a dinner with, of course, the finest Dutch finger food there is. Served “Dutch Old Masters” style. In the meantime, the PTA will be transformed into a serious modern dance arena. As you might expect from us. So put on your dancing shoes and dance with us to the beats.

We trust the opening night will bring you in the right mood to have an amazing World Congress in the Netherlands.

Please be advised that for this event a maximum of 2.000 people is allowed. The COC pursues a strict “full is full” policy. This means that entry to any event, including this one, is granted only if the Venue is not at full capacity. When an event is at full capacity the delegate is not entitled to a refund of the congress fee or any other compensation.