Training: Workshop organizational constellations

06 Nov 2017
1st class pub

Training: Workshop organizational constellations

Have you ever heard of organizational constellations but never experienced it yourself? This is your chance. 

We currently live in a dynamic era in which we make a shift towards more value-driven organizations. Organizational constellations are a wonderful tool to help us to bring out our own individual power to find our collective power to our customers, in order to actually accomplish a value driven person, leader and organization. 

Organizational constellations provide fast and clear insight into what is really going on in an organization. An organization constellations is a method that allows us to study the dynamics and relationships between various parties and people in a unique way. 

It is often a welcome and in-depth way to quickly lead a group into to the core of an organizational issue. This is done by contacting in a binding instinctive way with the question and the different perspectives of the related persons in the issue. It rapidly brings a group closer to each other. 

Organizational constellations bring movement in the undertow, so people working in an organization quickly come closer to the essence and closer to the colleagues, client and / or target audience.