Excursion: Sustainable food production

09 Nov 2017

Excursion: Sustainable food production

How tomatoes are grown from seed to fruit!

Did you know a kilogram of tomato seeds is more expensive than a kilogram of gold? Take a look at the sustainable glass houses area (Agriport) and Seed Valley, it’s huge! Around 70% of all seeds in the world can be traced back to the Seed Valley. The Agriport is one of the most sustainable agricultural production areas worldwide. We love to take you on a tour in this special area!

On Thursday November 9th we will take on you on a day trip to 2 companies: Bejo Zaden (seeds) and Royal Pride, where we will learn about seed production and take a look at the growth of tomatoes. Of course we will also stop at one of the picture perfect sceneries to take photos with our famous windmills. Come and see, touch and taste our great tomatoes and this part of the Netherlands!

This daytrip is not only interesting for people working in agricultural. We all need to eat. These companies provide answers on how to grow food sustainably. Not only now, but also in 2030. Water and soil will become more scarce. How will this affect the food production in your country? What impact will climate change have on the way we conduct agriculture and what changes do we have to make? This is a high tech and down to earth tour all in one!
Apart from these more serious questions, we will also have a fun day in which you can see a different side of the Netherlands and agriculture.


The Agriport is not only well known for its great produce. It is also known for its sustainable and high tech way of production. All energy used comes from natural sources, and warmth and water are recycled. The plants are grown in both soil and on water (hydroponics), in glass houses and outside. The Netherlands might be small when you look at square km, but we are second worldwide when it comes to food export (first is the United States, but they are 296 our size landwise). This region is also progressive in that companies, investors and the government work together to achieve their own and each other’s goals. Get inspired!

This program is organized by local chapter JCI De Waag (Alkmaar-Egmond) and sponsored by our partners Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Noord-Holland Noord http://www.ofdutchorigin.com/ and IJmond Tours (www.ijmondtours.nl)