Excursion: The Battle of Arnhem – A Bridge too Far

07 Nov 2017

Excursion: The Battle of Arnhem – A Bridge too Far

The Battle of Arnhem, part of operation Market Garden, had to ensure a quick victory for the Allied forces in the Netherlands in 1944. An innovative plan with large airborne landings in the Netherlands had to ensure that the country was freed by Christmas. And favourably also had to take the Allied troops all the way to Berlin. Unfortunately things took a different turn as the last bridge at Arnhem proofed ‘a bridge too far’, and so the Second World War did not end before Christmas 1944.

Today, the Battle of Arnhem is still alive in the region of Arnhem. Every year the Battle is commemorated in September. Thanks to the 1974 movie ‘A bridge too far’ the battle also gained international recognition. JCI Arnhem has organised a day completely dedicated to this fight for 50 participants of the World Congress.

In a day-filling program we will experience how the Battle of 1944 went down. We will first visit the sight where the parachutists landed. We will then head to Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek, where the story of the Battle will be ornately told. Exclusively for the JCI, the museum guide will take us into the village to tell the story. As an impressive finale, we will visit the heart of the battlefield: the John Frost bridge in Arnhem.

To connect the past with the present, high school students of the Rivers International School from Arnhem will accompany you. They will act as guides and have extensively studied the Battle of Arnhem the past months. The students and the JCI Arnhem give you a warm welcome to Arnhem.

Practical information
On Tuesday the 7th of November 2017 we will leave Amsterdam early in the morning, to be in Arnhem on time. The program covers the entire day and you will be back in Amsterdam shortly before the diner starts. You will therefore have plenty of time to join the evening programme. During the day you will at least visit:

  • The landing site of the parachutists
  • The war cemetry
  • The Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek
  • The John Frost Bridge in Arnhem