Training: Reset yourself to Happiness

09 Nov 2017
Movenpick Hotel (Zurich I)

Training: Reset yourself to Happiness

Life is not about finding happiness.

Life is about creating happiness.

Happiness in leadership, success, love, wealth, health, strength, money, spirituality, or whatever is on top of your list.


Happiness in life and in business is actually simpler than it looks.

Not easier. But simpler.

It is a matter of getting from A to B.

A is where you are right now. B is where you would love to be.


A lot of people do not see the straight line from A to B. They are travelling in a circle. A circle of uncertainty, deficiency, lack of whatever…

Usually a vicious circle.

Going around and around.

Stuck in patterns.

Repeating the same unworkable behaviors. The same actions. The same thoughts. The same bad feelings.

And, hoping for another outcome.


And of course you know that happiness doesn’t work like this.

But, no worries, every minute, we are all at the beginning of the rest of our lives… Every minute we can start creating happiness!

If you are not 200% satisfied, if you are not fully enriched, if you do not experience real happiness in your life and in your business, mind you: You can RESET yourself to HAPPINESS.


And, you know, your happiness has big impact: happiness is a flywheel. Happiness multiplies itself. Once you DO choose to create your happiness, the happiness will flow more and more… And, will also flow to the world around you. How cool is that! Creating a better world by your happiness!


So, whether you are on the top of yours, or being tested by life now, in this training you learn how to shift your life to happiness. It can really mean a breakthrough to that next level.  I DO like to help you and see you in my training.