Training: Scrum / Holocracy

07 Nov 2017
Movenpick Hotel (Luzern)

Training: Scrum / Holocracy

Scrum – Doing twice the work, in half the time

Boost your team’s performance, with the simplicity and effectiveness of Scrum.

The term Agile is hot. It’s a leading philosophy in the boardroom of today’s most successful companies. Scrum is Agile’s most popular application on the work floor, and rapidly becomes the world’s number one framework for organizing teams. Scrum gives management a steering wheel, and gives teams room to excel. And that´s exactly what you need in the increasingly competitive corporate arena.

After attending this course, you will understand how Scrum works and appreciate its effectiveness. It explains how to work in an existing Scrum Team or liaise with Scrum teams as customer/stakeholder. You’ll also be able to determine how Scrum could be useful in your own professional situation and understand the steps that are needed for implementing Scrum yourself.

Scrum is lightweight, refreshing and fun. So the course will be an “experience” by itself.. 🙂