Workshop: Accountability One Planet

09 Nov 2017
Movenpick Hotel (Istanbul)

Workshop: Accountability One Planet

Our Sustainability Journey, from energy reduction to an One Planet Approach

There is a broad awareness that the global society is facing one of the greatest risks of exceeding the natural limits of our planet. To reduce this risk, businesses need to find new ways of doing business and become a part of the solution. However, to accomplish the same, businesses are seeking answers to plan a transition to a sustainable future. But, how can a business concretely measure its effect on the planet? How can a company adopt & translate the complex array of targets and reasoning towards a narrative that works for its investors, consumers and even own employees?

The number of different environmental benchmarks, and rankings that currently exist for businesses is overwhelming. These benchmarks look at how companies are doing compared to competitors, within their industry, or compared to their own past performance. However, none of these actually answers the question: is the good we’re doing good enough? None of these benchmarks make the link to the capacity of our planet. We experienced that making this link, resonates well with global leaders! It inspires us to work on a one planet approach, which represents a new way for companies to look at their business and align it with what is needed for a healthy planet.

During the session we will elaborate on the corporate responsibility journey starting from understanding the energy bill towards an holistic One Planet approach. We will share first best practices and one planet cases. Such a holistic approach makes the complex array of targets and reasoning easier to understand both for external and internal audiences, and, from a global perspective, it helps to close the circle between individual corporate action and a truly sustainable society.

This session is delivered by Jeroen Scheepmaker MSc he is Associate Director at Ecofys, a Navigant Company.