Workshop: Empowering the Society by the Permanent Beta Principle

09 Nov 2017
Movenpick Hotel (Zurich I)

Workshop: Empowering the Society by the Permanent Beta Principle

Great power comes with great responsibility. How to handle such a great responsibility as a young leader?

 The next decade will probably be more intense and will have more impact than the last century, mainly because of the fast technological development which is a blessing for mankind as well as a challenge for our current system… (as Albert Einstein used to say: “We cannot solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”)

 According to Martijn Aslander, a new synthesis between governments, enterprises and citizens/customers is what the world and the new generation of leaders need. We have to learn to collaborate, and to get things done without any budget or paper but with technology. The Permanent Beta community shows that’s possible for quite a while now.

In a passionate speech, thought leader Martijn Aslander unfolds the outline of the Permanent Beta principle as he laid out in his book ‘Permanent Beta’ which appeared in 2015 and has since been adapted by the highest board levels, both governmental as commercial.  

Martijn Aslander is Stand-up philosopher, boardroom sparring partner and best-selling author. He founded and is the co-founder of the Permanent Beta movement and AmsterdamConnected. He always manages to show the complex impact of technology on our society with his trademark passion and humor.