Workshop: Business Cartooning

07 Nov 2017
Movenpick Hotel (Matterhorn II)

Workshop: Business Cartooning

Draw attention
A short course on business enhancing doodling

Being a professional in business means we are often faced with complex problems that no one really knows how to solve yet. To come up with great solutions we need to be creative on demand, and fast! Problems are often urgent and require us to quickly go from analysis to solution.

In this workshop two flip-over coaches will help you develop a skill that allows you to solve complex problems more effectively. Involving different people from different backgrounds. We will teach you how to get everyone see the problem as a whole and to understand their part in it.

We will teach you the secret skill in under fifteen minutes and then practice it again and again until you can do it in your sleep. And best of all: you can start using it tomorrow. The secret skill? Drawing!

First and foremost, this workshop will help you to get over the first hurdle: self-confidence. We will let you experience that you already possess all the drawing skills you need to facilitate visual problem solving. We will help you develop a visual vocabulary that speeds up the problem-solving process.
Also, we will help you to understand when you can use it, what sort of reactions to expect from participants and how to work with those reactions.

Solving problems together is a memorable, addictive experience and visual facilitation is a great addition to your set of skills to do it successfully. Ultimately it will help to build lively and productive relationships with your environment. In short, doodling is good for business.