Workshop: Crowdfunding by Douw&Koren Crowdfunding Agency

09 Nov 2017
Movenpick Hotel (Luzern)

Workshop: Crowdfunding by Douw&Koren Crowdfunding Agency

How to find your way to the crowd!  

Crowdfunding is still booming business. In 2016, 170 million euro was raised with crowdfunding in the Netherlands. In the first 6 months of 2017, the growth continued and a total of 99,4 million was raised. 

How did crowdfunding develop and why is it so successful? What are the different forms and do’s and don’ts? And, last but not least, how can you benefit from all of this? During this workshop we will introduce you with crowdfunding by sharing our experience, not only as researchers in the field but also as crowdfunding consultants. From the beginning of crowdfunding, our consultancy has helped hundreds of organizations (profit and non-profit) with their own successful campaigns. The possibilities of crowdfunding will be shown through some of the most inspiring examples (of course, out of sectors relevant for IMRF). In the first part of our meeting, some best practices (for instance, WakaWaka, Smog Free Tower, WNF) will be discussed. After a thorough introduction we will give you the tools and tips to start your own campaign. Led by our Crowdfunding Canvas (a tool that helps to determine the strategy of your own crowdfunding campaign) we will discuss factors as suitable platforms, communities, goals and timing. 


About Douw&Koren 

Years ago, we had the privilege of founding the worlds first crowdfunding agency and we have had the honor of working with some of the most amazing creators. More than just a means of financing exciting projects, we believe that through crowdfunding creators can amass practically everything they need to travel from potential to realization: momentum, ambassadors, visibility, resources and bright new ideas. From our studio in Amsterdam, together with creators, we have co-created over 400 crowdfunding campaigns, like Peerby, WakaWaka, Karigar and The Smog Free Tower. Some were aimed at mobilizing a local community, some at raising capital, some at gaining (worldwide) visibility, but all were aimed at leveraging the crowd in an honest and meaningful way. The research branche of our agency has been thoroughly investigating the dynamics of crowdfunding over the past six years and we have the privilege of organizing Europe’s biggest crowdfunding conference every year (‘Crowdfunding Day’), as well as live crowdfunding festival CROWDF€ST. We are happy to serve as trusted advisors to governments, corporates and institutions and have currently trained over 30.000 people in the craft of crowdfunding. So in short: crowdfunding to us, is what spinach is to Popeye