Workshop: Creating impact for the community

06 Nov 2017
Movenpick Hotel (Luzern)

Workshop: Creating impact for the community

During this workshop you will learn about inspiring dutch Social Enterprises and their business models. A social enterprise’s reason for existence is to achieve a social and / or ecological impact goal. In other words, they exist to make a positive change in the world. The way they reach this goal is through entrepreurship. Social Enterprises sell a service or product and have a Business Model. They create financial, social and ecological value for all people involved in and benefiniting from the organisation. While the social enterprise sector in the Netherlands is still small, it is growing fast and has huge potential.

During the workshops we will show you many best practices of dutch Social Enterprises, and also reveal some of the challenges these enterprises face or have overcome. The second part of the workshop participants will start designing a business model for an existing local Dutch impact project. Instead of working on an imaginary case study, you actually learn while helping a project creating a sustainable model. Starters4Communities will ensure that all your brilliant ideas are  presented to the owners of these impact project.

About Starters4Communities

Starters4Communities believes in a better world. A social entrepreneurial world in which creating social value is at least as important as creating financial value. Many starting young professionals share our believes. And they have the vision, drive and creativity to make a difference.

We see graduates and young professionals as the key to bring about real social change. 

We therefore connect young professionals to impact projects, organisations and each other. We do this with our training, coaching and work experience programs. During each course the starters work on challenges from local community projects, social enterprises or social organizations. We also connect young people to start building their own social enterprise.