Workshop: Creating a fair chain coffee world

06 Nov 2017
PTA, Panorama deck

Workshop: Creating a fair chain coffee world

Join Moyee’s Impact Officer, Mark Kauw, in this workshop where you will be guided step by step on how to create a new or make an already operating company FairChain. With Moyee as the example, we will zoom in on examples from your own experience. That maybe the company you are working with now or companies or products you wish to create in the near future.

During the workshop Mark will share stories from Moyee about the bumps in the road they had to cross and the problems you will have to overcome along the way.

About Moyee

Moyee Coffee is a FairChain coffee company. That means Moyee roasts coffee in Ethiopia to leave more value in the country where coffee grows. The coffee roastery in Addis Ababa is the world’s first FairChain roastery. Moyee’s single purpose is to bring 50/50 balance in the coffee value chain.

About the presenter

Mark Kauw is Moyee’s Impact Officer and responsible for Moyee’s level of FairChain. Not only reporting on, but also creation of impact is what drives him. For instance in the current Call the Farmer project, in which Moyee and the FairChain Foundation work together with smallholder coffee farmers in Ethiopia. Previously he worked on various sustainability projects such as the book ‘Hidden Impact’ by Babette Porcelijn. And he lived and worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he established a sustainability approach for a local real estate company.