Workshop: Food for fierce & fragile females (ladies only)

07 Nov 2017
Movenpick (Berlin)

Workshop: Food for fierce & fragile females (ladies only)

Women are different

There is a difference between male and female leaders and managers. Substantively women are different. They have the same education, but women look for opportunities and solve problems in a different way. Women think differently, act differently, often have other priorities and tackle things differently too. In addition: a lot of women have two jobs, because the family responsibilities are often mainly on the shoulders of the woman. Those two jobs, her ambition and her working environment makes her different and unique.

Would you like to invest in your female talent during an interactive session focused on awareness and efficiency improvements?

A session with elements such as insight, strength, balance, new energy and fun.

Because successful women: take care of themselves, are targeted, have vision, create a true team, have enough confidence, have a role model and know how to create a network.

Do you want to stay successful? Do you need food for thought, inspiration how to take care of yourself and want to know how to become and or stay a successful business woman?

We look forward to you!

Register today because there are only 30 lucky ladies per training.