Upstarters: Get Inspired!

07 Nov 2017
A'DAM Tower

Upstarters: Get Inspired!

Upstarters International

Did you ever dream about starting your own company? Do you have ideas and dreams of becoming an entrepeneur? Than this unique Business Bootcamp programme is exactly what you need! It is a half-day program of 16 hours training by top professionals who will help you to develop, challenge, and design your business idea into a concrete business plan. The program is part of the SDG 8 ‘unemployment goal’: by creating impact with new businesses, you are able to create new jobs and thereby more employment in the area. Get inspired, get convinced and develop the power to follow  your business dream!

The Business Bootcamp is a total package, you must complete the entire program.


Day 2: Get Inspired!

On the second day youwill be inspired by one the most succesfull entrepeneurs of the Netherlands in the last 20 years. You will have the chance to listen, learn and get inspired by his story and will be able to hear the highs and lows of his career. A unique possiblity!


Thank you for your registration. The Upstarters International program consists of four days. Please note, that you have to register every day separately and only enrollments for the full program (all four days) are taken into account. Although you will receive this message four times, we kindly request that you send your motivation only once using the following link:

If the link doesn’t work, please copy the link in your browser


We are looking forward to welcoming you.