Workshop: Youngsters in the driver’s seat

09 Nov 2017
Movenpick Hotel (Luzern)

Workshop: Youngsters in the driver’s seat

This workshop provides you with a toolbox to unlock talents from new generations for the a sustainable future for your organization.

Bring your biggest challenge for your organization!

  • How do you get young people in the driver’s seat?
  • What’s is de benefit for you and your organization if you do that?
    Learn about concept of Experience, intergenerational connection, intrinsic motivation compass


  • The workshop gives you insight in how to look different fro the perspective of young people’s lifestyle
    What’s the goal of education? How can you enrich education and transform learning landscapes and be a part of it as an organization?


  • What perspective does this give you and your organization?
  • Learn how to connect with this future perspective
    Facilitate life long learning through a connection with young people


  • Learn how to design your organization after the awareness of the phenomenon of camouflage (Xander Zone)
    Pick up your challenge and start the day when you get back, be facilitated as part of a global learning ecosystem

Learn and connect with a network after this workshop to unlock talents, in a dynamic environment and we harvest the future!

The workshop will be hosted by Xander Beks, Social institutional designer, owner of Xander Zone, and founder and chairman of TGLE Foundation.
Please connect on linkedin and share your challenge: