Claire Boonstra

Claire Boonstra


“What if we unlocked the infinite human potential and taught people how to use their own unique potential to add value to our society?”

In the various directions her career has taken, one of the things Claire Boonstra noticed was that most organisations have one important thing in common. Talent is seldom used to its full potential, while at the same time there is a tremendous need for employees with the knowledge and skills that are not being taught. She suddenly realized her life’s work should be about solving that problem at its source: the education system.

She established the œ Operation Education foundation to address how we are currently preparing people for our fast-changing society. The foundation explores the potential methods for learning in the future as well as questioning the education system we have today. Before we can begin to shape learning in the future, we need to first fully understand the how and why of the current system.

As an engineer and best known for her successful Augmented Reality venture in the start-up Layar, Claire has often been called one of the ‘most influential women in technology.’ In 2012, she was named Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. Currently, she presents a regular radio show called #Onderwijsvragen (Education Questions) on the Dutch Business News Radio BNR, where she explores the fundamental questions about how the way we learn and develop is organised, such as why we have long summer vacations, classrooms or state examinations.

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Keynote: Operation Education by Claire Boonstra

15:00 - 15:45
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