Friedhelm Wachs

Friedhelm Wachs


Friedhelm Wachs is a globally leading negotiator and a renowned visionary strategist of European origin, born in Berlin. He explored for us the labs of global industry leaders to seriously predict the future.

Friedhelm is the President of the European Negotiation Institute, the managing partner of the global leading negotiation advisory and CEO of Wachsonian GmbH. He holds Board Positions in various companies, including Start-ups. In addition to negotiation, he is a respected source of advice for CEOs and government leaders as well as young active citizens on leadership, business ethics and the future.

Educated in Harvard, Chicago, Lausanne, Leipzig and Berlin Friedhelm teaches in leading business schools around the globe.
Friedhelm Wachs is an award winning global speaker, bestselling author and was awarded in 2009 the “Most Outstanding Senator of the World” by JCI.

He lives with his family in Leipzig/Germany (the venue of the JCI World Congress 2014).

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