Sjoerd de Vries (#74690)

Sjoerd de Vries (#74690)


Sjoerd de Vries (#74690)
Sjoerd has an extensive track record as leader of various IT organisations. He’s experienced in complex, international environments and headed major projects such as the IT INFRA Program for Gas Storage Bergermeer, Europe’s largest gas storage facility and strategic asset in the European energy market.
He worked with most established IT governance models, but Scrum stole his heart. It made him an Agile fanatic and frequent speaker on the topic. Sjoerd led the implementation of Agile/Scrum practises in a variety of teams inside and outside of IT.
He’s owner of Triomph, amateur race car driver and senator of JCI. At the age of 38, he recently became a father. He lives with his wife and son in Gouda, The Netherlands.

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Training: Scrum / Holocracy

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