Thomas Rau

Thomas Rau


“From property to purpose, from dull ownership to clever usership – who cares about lamps, I want light!”

For many years now, entrepreneur and architect Thomas Rau has been contributing to the national and international dialogue about sustainability, the use of renewable energy sources in architecture, and the question of what we should be doing about the increasing scarcity of resources. With the motto ‘Guided by the Future,’ he consciously bases his choices both professionally and personally on what is necessary for the future rather than what is achievable or socially acceptable right now.

RAU Architects has been designing buildings using environmentally-friendly materials and focusing on a healthy living environment since 1992. RAU and the Oneplanetarchitecture Institute (OPAi) he founded have also implemented various innovations and set new standards for CO2-neutral, energy-neutral and energy-positive construction.

Because the wasting of resources is a global phenomenon, Thomas is taking his work a step further than just buildings and has set his sights on resource usage and closing the material loops. In 2010, he established the Turntoo company to develop new business models for the circular economy. Since 2017 Madaster Foundation promotes, stimulates and oversees the development and usage of the Material Passport.


picture by ©Edith Stenhuys – Speakers Academy

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